Peru Trip – Cusco

Our last few days in Peru were spent in the city of Cusco, where we took a walking tour of the city, visited a few more ruins, and explored the planetarium. The walking tour took us from the large Plaza de Armas through the neighborhood of San Blas (the artistic district) and into Qoricancha (remains of an old Inca temple). I think we were a little burnt out on photo-taking at this point in the trip, but we did enjoy seeing the city of Cusco.

Pisac is a city that holds a large artisan market every day (tourists abound) but also has a mountaintop site to explore. Stone walls, homes, terraces, etc. What a beautiful view these people had from their village! We also learned how the Inca buried their dead inside holes in the mountainside, and saw a large cemetery.

We had a traditional Peruvian lunch at a lovely little hacienda on the way back to Cusco.

The museum that houses most of the artifacts discovered at Machu Picchu is called Casa Concha. We saw beautiful pottery, jewelry, weapons, clothing, religious icons, etc.

We didn’t take any pictures at the Cusco Planetarium, but it was one of our favorite things to do on this trip! There was a presentation (in Spanish and English simultaneously!) ¬†about the stars in the Southern Hemisphere, and how the people used the stars to determine when to plant and harvest, how to find their way, and tell stories about the constellations. Then we went outside and used telescopes to see some amazing things – we saw Mars, Saturn (and it’s rings!!), and a star cluster¬†called the jewel box. It was freezing out there! But we really loved it.

When it was time to go home, we were ready. We had seen all we wanted to see, and loved almost every experience, but we were all tired. I loved travelling with my whole family! Next time we’ll need to go somewhere the kids can come too.